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  • Open Water Diver Course

Open Water Diver Course

If you've always wanted to learn how to scuba dive, discover new adventures or simply see the wonderous world beneath the waves, this is where it starts. 

Starting from

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With a little practice and effort you to can experience the fascinating underwater world. Each and every training exercise is directly related to actual diving safety and experience.

Your journey starts with online sessions at home and continue with a live instructional session with one of our experienced instructors.

Pool sessions are held on Sunday where you learn the skills needed to be a safe and good diver. 

Next you are ready to experience the open water environment with 4 required open water certification dives. These dives are where the skills you learned in the pool are demonstrated. We also learn about compass navigation during your open water certification dives.  You can complete with us locally here or with a referral to complete on your vacation.

What’s Included in the Course Fee

Our course fee includes the following:

  • Course materials
  • Class session
  • Pool session
  • Use of life support equipment (Regulator, dive computer, BC)
  • Use of tanks and weights

What’s Not Included

  • Personal equipment - (mask, snorkel, boots, and fins) Purchase all from us and receive $50 credit towards purchase. 
  • Open Water Certification DivesComplete with us locally or with a referral on your vacation.



1 reviews for Open Water Diver Course

  • Rob Patyk

    May 18, 2022

    Loved this course, our whole family got certified at the same time. The instructors were very patient and worked with each person individually to ensure they were confident in their abilities before moving on. Would highly recommend them!

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